The phrase 'Terra Verd' is a way of saying green earth. Initially conceptualized as a sustainability-focused firm, it quickly became apparent that sustainability meant different things to different groups of people.

Some teams are advocates for conscious business practices that impact global climate. Other groups deeply believe in these things too but are at a point where keeping their head above water is as close to sustainable as they can get. We strive to help both groups. 

We are problem solvers, data nerds, and investigators. We believe sustainability is smart business, but we don't just mean recycling campaigns and reducing waste (although we love these things, too). We help businesses by looking at pain points across management, product, and operations. Our mission is to help your team run more effectively and efficiently. Our goal is to boost team morale, create growth opportunities, and help unify culture. 


So whatever your definition of sustainability is right now, we're here to help. Contact us for a free consultation.


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